The Course

The course provides a mix of long stretches of flat and gently rolling terrain along the fringe of the fairways of holes #1 and #18 of the Jack Nicklaus-designed Valley Course at Bear Mountain Resort

There are hills too and two sand traps and one precipitous drop of approximately 20-metres.

There is also a climb that takes runners over the final 180m of the 2000m course providing a 30m gain in elevation. This will be a challenging section. The climb takes runners back to the start area.

The race starts on the north end of the driving range and offers spectators and media an excellent opportunity to view the first minutes of the races up close and personal on a rolling, but grassy section. The runners turn south after approaching the south end of the driving range and then turn right (east) and run downhill to hole #1.

Hole #1 offers two 50m sandtraps one after the other, then a left turn (east) down to hole #18, a lap of hole 18 returns runners to the beginning, but not before they climb that challenging final 180m.

For viewing, spectators and media will have the opportunity to watch almost the entire race without moving very far. The layout of the long fairways of hole #1 and #18 allow approximately 80 per cent of the course to be seen from the viewing area just steps outside of the Bear Mountain Resort that will be the athlete’s village.

Course  and Map by Gary Duncan

Course videos with ground and drone footage.

In the first video, 2019 IAAF World Cross Country Championships competitor for Canada, Natasha Wodak provides feedback on the venue: